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The 1000 edo divides the octave in 1000 equal parts of exactly 1.2 cents, or 1 millioctave each. It is notable mostly because it is the equal division corresponding to millioctaves.

1000edo is related to 200edo, but the patent vals differ on the mapping for 5 and 7. In the 5-limit, it tempers out luna comma, 274877906944/274658203125 and senior comma, |-17 62 -35>. In the 7-limit, it tempers out 4375/4374, 201768035/201326592, and 165288374272/164794921875, leading to the lunatic temperament and seniority temperament. It also tempers out 3025/3024, 9801/9800, and 391314/390625 in the 11-limit; 1001/1000, 4225/4224, 4459/4455, and 10648/10647 in the 13-limit, leading to the deca temperament and donar temperament.