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Interval information
Ratio 532480/531441
Monzo [13 -12 1 0 0 1
Size in cents 3.38137
Name(s) wilschisma
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The wilschisma (monzo: [13 -12 1 0 0 1, ratio: 532480/531441) is a 13-limit (also subgroup) unnoticeable comma measuring about 3.38 cents. It is the difference between the wilsorma (65/64) and the Pythagorean comma, hence the name. The wilschisma can be viewed as a counterpart of the symbiotic comma – while the symbiotic comma connects 7 and 11, the wilschisma connects 5 and 13, and they differ by an ibnsinma. In addition, the wilschisma is the difference between the garischisma and the schismina.


Tempering out this comma in the full 13-limit results in the rank-5 wilschismic temperament.

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