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I go by Inthar (he/him; pronounced in-THAR (th as in thin), meaning 'crow' or 'raven' in the conlang it comes from). I am a moderator on XA Discord as @inthar, and I am inthar-raven on GitHub.

I no longer compose on account of my hearing loss, but I still theorize sometimes. On occasion I might also try to read and understand math papers.

Main contributions to the Xen Wiki

My contributions relate to filling out information about combinatorics on words, higher-rank scale theory, and JI-agnostic MOS theory. I'll include proofs when I have the strength to write them. Feel free to correct any errors and ask any questions!

Concepts and coinages

(This doesn't mean I was the first to make the scales that happen to have the property or construction.)

Other articles I wrote

Todo list


All my music is licensed under CC-BY 4.0, unless specified otherwise.



Oneirotonic Modal Studies

8 modal harmony studies, one in each mode of 13edo oneirotonic (5L 3s).


17edo and neogothic diatonic

Pieces in Locrian

I've tried to combine Locrian with classical and 8-bit tropes with varying degrees of success.


Neutral thirds scales


Some VGM loop in 31edo.


List subpages