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Checkupine is a max-variety-4 generator-offset scale with step pattern 3L 4M 1s, one mode of which is LMLMLMsM. It is equivalent to the pine (7L 1s) mos with 3 of the large steps made bigger and the other 4 made smaller, or to mosh (3L 4s) with an extra-small step added. Porcusmine is not chiral. 18edo is the smallest edo to support a non-degenerate checkupine.

"Checkupine" is a name given by User:Inther. The name is a portmanteau of "pine" and "checkertonic", since its step sizes are intermediate between those of the 8-note pine and 8-note checkertonic mosses.

Superimposing the two chiralities of "smicot" (4L 1M 3s0 (LsLsLMs and LsLsLsM) results in a checkupine scale.