Rootminor triad

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The rootminor triad is a 16:19:24 chord which has steps of 6/5-5/4-4/3, which makes it also 10:12:15. It tempers out the rootminor comma of 96/95. This chord is notable for being a worthy starting point in exploring the quality of "minorness," inasmuch as it can function equally as (1:)16:19:24 or (1:)10:12:15, depending on which note the listener hears as the root. Aside from 12-equal, it also exists in 27, 39, 43 and 51-equal. With the correct choice of val, it also can be used in 22, 34, 46 and 58 equal by 22h, 34h, 46h or 58h.