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Huygens-Fokker Foundation

The Bohlen-Pierce Site, Web place of an alternative harmonic scale

The Music Notation Project Exploring Alternative Music Notation Systems

Iannis Xenakis

Tall Kite

Dinesh S Thakur

Gene Pritsker. See also:

Encyclotronic, Electronic Music Archive > HEJI

Tonalsoft > Sonic Arts

Music Novatory The Science of Music

Ekmelic Music, International Ekmelic Music Society: English German: Ekmelische Musik, Internationale Gesellschaft für Ekmelische Musik

Stackexchange > > Music Stackoverflow Mathematics


Xenharmonic Excursion to Padua, 1318: Marchettus, the cadential diesis, and neo-Gothic tunings (Marchettus of Padua)

Adam Alpern, Techniques for Algorithmic Composition of Music

V Brainin, Letter to Earned Neighbour

Theories and Composition: A Computational Model for Rule-Based Microtonal Music Theories and Composition

Kite Giedraitis, Alternative Tunings: Theory, Notation and Practice

Dinesh S Thakur, The Notion of Twenty-Two Shrutis


Regular temperament

Real thing: Free Abelian groups, free Z-modules, free modules over the integers


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