Mynucumic chords

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A mynucumic chord is a 13-limit essentially tempered dyadic chord which is defined via tempering out the mynucuma, 196/195. The myunucmic tetrad is the tempering of steps of size 7/6-6/5-7/6-16/13, leading to the tempering of 1-7/6-7/5-13/8. Subchords of this are the two mynucmic triads, with steps 16/13-7/6-7/5 and 7/6-16/13-7/5, leading to temperings of 1-16/13-10/7 and 1-7/6-10/7. Equal temperaments with mynucumic chords include 31, 41, 46, 58, 87, 118, 145 and 232. Mynucumic chords are essential temperings of the 2.5/3.7/3.13 subgroup of the 13-limit.