List of xenharmonic fixed pitch instruments

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The Great Xenharmonic Fixed-Pitch Instrument Database!

Fill in this page with a list of every known xenharmonic instrument in existence today, to exist as a standard of compatibility for builders to voluntarily adopt when building new fixed-pitch instruments.

Instrument(s) Tuning system Location Reference note name Reference pitch (Hz)
The Exotic Musical Instruments of Denny Genovese (fixed include bass marimba, 2 xylophones, tubular bells, tubular chimes, fipple pipes) JI Gainesville, FL and Urbana, IL C 64
The NEWBAND Instrumentarium (instruments by Harry Partch, Dean Drummond, et al.) JI Montclair, NJ G 392
Ensemble musikFabrik (replicas of all instruments by Harry Partch) JI Cologne, Germany ? ?
Kraig Grady's Ensembles (Vibraphones, Marimbas, Reed Organs, Hammer Dulcimer, Bowed Psaltery, Bass Meru Bars cps, recurrent sequences various Anaphorian Embassies A 440
Fokker Organ 31edo Netherlands A 443 (dependent on temperature!)
Franz Richter Herf's Ekmelic Organ 72edo Salzburg (?), Austria ? ?
Martin Vogel's enharmonic pipe organ JI Vienna, Austria ? ?
Historical church organs with split semitones Various various ? ?
3-octave set of tubes 17edo Urbana, IL A 440
20-tone set of tubes 88cet Urbana, IL B 240
Gayle Young's Columbine JI Canada? ? ?
Bohlen-Pierce Clarinets by Steve Fox Bohlen-Pierce various (U.S., Canada, Germany) A 440
19edo trumpet (Stephen Altoft, Donald Bousted) 19edo ? ? ?
Keenan Pepper's porcupine marimba Porcupine-based circulating 15-tone Berkeley, CA C 261.626
Johannes Kotschy's Sound Cube JI Salzburg (?), Austria ? ?
Conic bellophone 96edo ? ? ?
Sauter 1/16 tone piano 96edo various ? ?
Tútim Dennsuul Instruments and Schemes 23edo Arica, "Chile" '6#' 409.6
Richie Greene's metallophone 41edo Portland, OR C 261.626