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A gentle tetrad is any of three 13-limit essentially tempered tetrads in the gentle temperament, tempering out 364/363. In close position, these have steps of size 14/11-13/11-7/6-8/7, 13/11-14/11-8/7-7/6 and 13/11-7/6-13/11-16/13, leading to the temperings of 1-14/11-3/2-7/4, 1-13/11-3/2-12/7 and 1-13/11-11/8-13/8. A gentle triad is any of four 13-limit essentially tempered triads in the gentle temperament. The supermajor gentle triad is a tempering of 1-14/11-3/2, and its inversion the subminor gentle triad is a tempering of 1-13/11-3/2. The gothic gentle triads are the temperings of 1-7/6-11/8 and its inversion 1-13/11-11/8. The names refer to Margo Schulter's Neo-gothic theory of harmony, which features a gentle region with a slightly sharpened fifth in which gentle triads and neogothic triads flourish. Equal divisions with gentle triads include 17, 22, 29, 41, 46, 58, 72, 87, 104, 121, 130, 217, 232, 234, 289 and 456.