Gentle chords

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A gentle chord is a 13-odd-limit essentially tempered chord in the gentle temperament, tempering out the gentle comma, 364/363.

A gentle triad is any of four 13-odd-limit essentially tempered triads in the gentle temperament.

The supermajor gentle triad is a tempering of

  • 1-14/11-3/2

and its inversion the subminor gentle triad is a tempering of

  • 1-13/11-3/2

The gothic gentle triads are the temperings of

  • 1-7/6-11/8

and its inversion

  • 1-13/11-11/8.

The names refer to Margo Schulter's Neo-gothic theory of harmony, which features a gentle region with a slightly sharpened fifth in which gentle triads and neogothic triads flourish.

A gentle tetrad is any of three 13-limit essentially tempered tetrads in the gentle temperament.

In close position, these are temperings of

  • 1-14/11-3/2-7/4, with steps of 14/11-13/11-7/6-8/7
  • 1-13/11-3/2-12/7, with steps of 13/11-14/11-8/7-7/6
  • 1-13/11-11/8-13/8, with steps of 13/11-7/6-13/11-16/13

Edo with gentle chords include 17, 22, 29, 41, 46, 58, 72, 87, 104, 121, 130, 217, 232, 234, 289 and 456.