Gallery of 12-tone tempered scales

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Map your chosen scale to a standard Halberstadt keyboard and you are on your way!

MOS scales

  • Meantone(12) because tradition must be respected
  • ratwolf Eleven fifths of (418/5)^(1/11) and one 20/13 wolf
  • mavila-eb Mavila[12] in f^4-10f+10 equal beating tuning and meantone order

Hopper by Singer-Medora-White-Smith; At The Hop in f^4-10f+10 mavila

Marvel tempered scales

Pump1 by Chris Vaisvil

Music in sixtetwoo

Other temperament tempered scales

  • 12-Adams 12 out of 72-TET scale by Prent Rodgers

Pomp & Parade #19, by Prent Rodgers

Shews #15, by Prent Rodgers

Organ, by Chris Vaisvil

The Bitter Bride

Dancing in Plasticine Grass

by Chris Vaisvil

  • plum 46 equal tempered 686/675 pump scale
  • elevenplus 11edo plus the 22edo fifth
  • freiseed Jake Freivald's starling scale

A Seed Planted play by Jake Freivald


12 archytas hobbits with ale by Chris Vaisvil

Portrait of a Tragedy (Death of a Son) - Archytas12 sync Study 3 by Joel Taylor

Tempered subgroup scales

Lesfip scales and other optimizations

Linear recurrence scales, rational intonation, etc

  • tapek-ribbon Eq-diff ribbon extension of Superpyth, made of two Tapek sequences
  • soria 12 from a 17-notes cycle, equal-beating extended fifths (705.57 c.) sequence
  • mounos Mounos extended fifths -c sequence, quasi-septimal minor diatonic scale
  • ifbis Ifbis -c 12 tones sequence (not traditional)
  • sireine_f Sequence of 11 Sireine low meantone fifths (exactly 691.2348426 c.) from F
  • sumer Neutral diatonic soft Rast scale with Ishku -c variations
  • rast_matrix Neutral third sequence, Rast on white keys and other maqamat
  • baran Shaahin Mohajeri's Baran scale
  • ligon Jacky Ligon's strictly proper all-prime scale


  • igliashon Meantone MODMOS created for Igliashon Jones in 74et
  • 12-22h Pajara MODMOS: Hexachordal 12-tone scale in 22-tET
  • keenan Fokker/Keenan meantone MODMOS in 31et
  • meteoroid Andrew Heathwaite's meantone MODMOS, 31et tuning

Andrew’s 12 of 31 for Flute and Harp by Chris Vaisvil

Circulating fifths

  • werck3 Andreas Werckmeister's temperament III
  • vallotti Vallotti & Young scale (Vallotti version)
  • kirnberger Kirnberger III, letter to Forkel 1779
  • young2 Thomas Young well temperament no.2 (1799)
  • courette2 Michel Corrette, modified meantone temperament (1753)
  • couperin Couperin modified meantone
  • qcmte84a Margo Schulter temperament extraordinaire
  • rainbow rainbow/meanquarw3 modified 1/4-comma meantone
  • grail Holy Grail circulating scale
  • bifrost Six meantone fifths, four pure fifths
  • cauldron Circulating scale with two pure 9/7 thirds

For the Unknown Children of Tuam, Galway by Chris Vaisvil

  • secor_wt10 Secor's 12-tone well-temperament, proportional beating
  • ozancirc Ozan Yarman's 159-equal circulating scale
  • johnson-secor_rwt Aaron Krister Johnson and George Secor's equal-beating rational well temperament
  • johnson-temp Aaron Krister Johnson, circulating temperament based on 5/4, 24/19, 19/15 backbone