Gallery of Other Just Intonation Scales

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Kyle Gann

Charing Cross by Kyle Gann

  • gann_custer Kyle Gann, scale from Custer's Ghost to Sitting Bull, 1/1=G

Custer's Ghost to Sitting Bull by Kyle Gann

  • gann_frac Kyle Gann's scale for Fractured Paradise

Fractured Paradise by Kyle Gann

Fugitive Objects by Kyle Gann

  • gann_ghost Kyle Gann, scale from Ghost Town, 1/1=E

Ghost Town by Kyle Gann

New Aunts by Kyle Gann

  • gann_things Kyle Gann, scale from How Miraculous Things Happen, 1/1=A

How Miraculous Things Happen by Kyle Gann

  • gann_super Kyle Gann, scale from Superparticular Woman (1992), 1/1=G

Superparticular Woman by Kyle Gann

Prent Rodgers

  • ChevyShake Scale used in Prent Rodger's The Stick Shift Chevy Shake

The Stick Shift Chevy Shake by Prent Rodgers

For the Downwinders by Prent Rodgera

Joel Taylor

Al-Farabi Blue Study 1a2 by Joel Taylor

2nd eikohole ball study no 2 - a melody by Joel Taylor

Grady 14 Study 1

Grady 14 Study 6a1-756

by Joel Taylor

Wilson 17 Study 1a by Joel Taylor

Chris Vaisvil

Fantasia for Electric Piano and Drum Kit by Chris Vaisvil

Harmonics 24 Through 48 Inclusive by Chris Vaisvil

Stuck at the Screaming Toll Booth

by Chris Vaisvil

Margo Schulter

  • xenogj24 Margo Schulter Neo-Gothic 3/17-flavor JI in 2.3.17/7 subgroup

Pythagorean Enharmonic Improvisation 1

Claudi Meneghin

Other examples

ThirteenTen live at GSIIR play

Three Days Apart

Trident's Flight both by Jake Freivald

Night Scene from the play 'Blackbird' by Juhani Nuorvala

  • The 1-7/6-3/2-7/4 chord in Csound

by Forrest Cahoon

The Sevens

  • stellarhex mandala/stelhex/cube(2) plus 7/6 and 7/5; convex in marvel tempering