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Easley R. Blackwood Jr. (April 21, 1933 – January 22, 2023) was an American music professor, a concert pianist, a composer, and the author of books on music theory, including his research into the properties of microtonal tunings and traditional harmony.

The 5-limit temperament tempering out the Pythagorean limma (256/243) was named blackwood in his honor.

Microtonal works

  • Twelve Microtonal Etudes for Electronic Music Media, Op. 28 (1980)
  1. 16 notes. Andantino (in 16edo)
  2. 18 notes. Allegro volando (in 18edo)
  3. 21 notes. Suite in four mvts. (in 21edo)
  4. 23 notes. Allegro moderato (in 23edo)
  5. 13 notes. Sostenuto (in 13edo)
  6. 15 notes. Lento (in 15edo)
  7. 17 notes. Con moto (in 17edo)
  8. 22 notes. Andante ma non troppo (in 22edo)
  9. 24 notes. Moderato (in 24edo)
  10. 14 notes. Allegramente (in 14edo)
  11. 20 notes. Comodo (in 20edo)
  12. 19 notes. Allegro moderato (in 19edo)
  • Fanfare in 19-note Equal Tuning, Op. 28a (1981) (in 19edo)
  • Suite for Guitar in 15-note Equal Tuning, Op. 33 (c. 1990) (in 15edo)
  1. Prélude (Allegro)
  2. Sarabande (Andante)
  3. Gavotte (Tempo di gavotta)
  4. Gigue (Vivo)


  • The Structure of Recognizable Diatonic Tunings (1986)


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