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The 243 equal division divides the octave into 243 equal parts of 4.938 cents each. It tempers out the semicomma (5-limit orwell comma) 2109375/2097152 in the 5-limit, and 2401/2400 and 4375/4374 in the 7-limit. In the 11-limit it tempers out 243/242 and 441/440, and provides the optimal patent val for ennealimnic temperament. In the 13-limit it tempers out 364/363 and 625/624, and provides the optimal temperament for 13-limit ennealimnic and the rank three jovial temperament, and in the 17-limit it tempers out 375/374 and 595/594 and provides the optimal patent val for 17-limit ennealimnic.