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191edo is the equal division of the octave into 191 parts of 6.2827 cents each. It is inconsistent to the 5-limit and higher limit, with two mappings possible for the 5-limit: <191 303 443| (optimal patent val) and <191 303 444| (191c). Using the optimal patent val, it tempers out the tetracot comma, 20000/19683 and |-52, 5, 19> in the 5-limit; 245/243, 2401/2400, and 68359375/67108864 in the 7-limit. Using the 191c val, it tempers out the amity comma, 1600000/1594323 and 549755813888/533935546875 in the 5-limit; 4375/4374, 5120/5103, and 823543/810000 in the 7-limit. Using the alternative 191cd val, 1728/1715, 3136/3125, and 1605632/1594323 are tempered out in the 7-limit.

191edo is the 43rd prime EDO.