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Interval information
Ratio 14/11
Monzo |1 0 0 1 -1>
Size in cents 417.50796
Name(s) undecimal major third
Color name 1uz4, luzo 4th

[sound info]

In 11-limit Just intonation, 14/11 is a supermajor third of about 417.5¢. It represents the difference between the 11th and 14th overtones of the harmonic series and appears in chords such as 8:11:14, the principal triad of Orgone temperament. 14/11 can also function as a Neo-Gothic major third, as it falls between 5/4 and 9/7. Indeed, it is the mediant ratio between those simpler intervals, as it is (5+9)/(4+7). Other relatively simple thirds in this region can be generated by taking the mediant between 5/4 and 14/11 (which is (5+14)/(4+11) = 19/15, about 409.2¢) and between 14/11 and 9/7 (which is (14+9)/(11+7) = 23/18, about 424.4¢. Also in this region is the Pythagorean (3-limit) major third of 81/64 (about 407.8¢), which can be generated by stacking four 3/2 perfect fifths and octave-reducing.

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