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Interval information
Ratio 13/8
Monzo |-3 0 0 0 0 1>
Size in cents 840.52766
Name(s) tridecimal neutral sixth
Color name 3o6, tho 6th

[sound info]

13/8 is a neutral sixth measuring about 840.5¢, falling between the categories of minor sixth and major sixth. In 13-limit Just Intonation, 13/8, as an octave-reduced 13th harmonic, is treated as a basic component of harmony. In the harmonic series and in chords based on it, 13/8 sits between the more familiar consonances of 3/2 and 7/4, separated from each by the superparticular ratios 13/12 and 14/13, respectively. It differs from the 11-limit neutral sixth 18/11 by 144/143, about 12.1¢.

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