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Hi there!

For now I’m fairly new to xenharmony, so I’ll try to make my edits conservative. Feel free to write me in the discussion page! Also feel free to edit my grammar a bit, as I’m not a native English speaker.

On XA Discord, I’m 0.5°.

Xenharmonic timbres!

So I finally took a small step and made two simple timbres which anyone (CC0) can use in a microtonal-able sampler like Sforzando or TX16Wx (hm no it doesn’t allow that, it seems) to try with non-5 or non-3.5 harmonies! They are at Freesound:

  • 110Hz_minus5.flac — a timbre (almost) without multiples of 5, with fundamental of 110 Hz.
  • 110Hz_minus3and5.flac — a timbre (almost) without multiples of 5 and 3. This was made from the previous and these multiples of 3 weren’t filtered out too much. But still there’s lot less of them.

Better look at descriptions right at the sample pages, they are a bit more verbose.

Feel free to write me something at the discussion page about them! I haven’t experimented myself yet what they could be good for, and would be very glad to hear anything.

Subpage stuff

  • /Timbres — studies in regard to harmonic composition of timbres.
  • /Fitting — algorithms and thoughts on fitting arbitrary scales to edos, MOS scales and something.
  • Several subpages are template WIPs. (Long ago obsolete as of 2023-12.)

Automatic list