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This template applies up to seven Todo: categories to the page, or the main Category:Todo itself. When inline is present, it additionally places a visible notice in the page text. With or without that, you mark the specific place in need of attention.


Just write something like {{Todo| expand |inline=1}} and get this:

Todo: expand

You can specify several notes, up to seven, adding them as additional arguments: {{Todo| add color name | expand | unify precision |inline=1}} which gives:

Todo: add color name, expand, unify precision

You can add a comment, using an optional argument named (alternatively) comment, description, or text. You may want to end it with a full stop, it’s not added automatically for this one.

{{Todo| unify precision | comment=An occasionally appearing surplus decimal place <code>5</code> gives a deceptive impression of higher accuracy. |inline=1}}

Todo: unify precision
An occasionally appearing surplus decimal place 5 gives a deceptive impression of higher accuracy.

All the unnamed parameters add the article to the same-name category. See Category:Todo for a catalogue of already defined tasks.

Finally, if you don't find a category the todo fits in, use this template without arguments: {{Todo}}, this way invisible.

If you use inline=1 add a short description in the text parameter.

{{Todo|inline=1|text=what has to be done}} 

what has to be done