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Interval player is a website yet to be made which would allow comparing intervals or chords with each other, and comparing them being rendered using different timbres. The list of timbres would be fixed, as they’re just samples on the server, but the user would be able to enter intervals and chords in a variety of ways. Moreover, they would be able to listen to a downward/upward arpeggios, not just simultaneously played notes.

To host this much variability might strain the user interface. My idea is to have it as a table like this:

                |  Sample 1      |  Sample 2      |  [Add sample]  
                |                |                |
 Interval 1     |  Play buttons  |  Play buttons  |
                |                |                |
 Interval 2     |  Play buttons  |  Play buttons  |
                |                |                |
 Interval 3     |  Play buttons  |  Play buttons  |
                |                |                |
[Add interval]  |
  • The user can add new intervals or samples to the comparison.
  • ‹Sample N› is a dropdown to pick a sample, and a preview button which plays a single note, and a delete button to get rid of the column.
  • ‹Interval N› is a edit box with interval/chord description like 4:5:6 or 4\12 3\12, and a delete button as above.
  • ‹Play buttons› are three buttons to play the interval/chord simultaneously, upward arpeggio or downward arpeggio.
  • ‹[Add interval]› and ‹[Add sample]› add a new row or column.

Should be neat.