Undecimal sensamagic chords

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Undecimal sensamagic chords are essentially tempered chords of undecimal (11-limit) sensamagic, with intervals in the 11-odd-limit tonality diamond. Since 245/243 is tempered out in undecimal sensamagic, 9-odd-limit sensamagic chords are undecimal sensamagic chords. Since 385/384 is tempered out, keenanismic chords are also undecimal sensamagic chords. Finally, since 896/891 is tempered out, pentacircle chords are undecimal sensamagic chords. There are also undecimal sensamagic chords which are none of these, the essentially undecimal sensamagic chords.

There are two pairs of inversely related tetrads:

  • 1-9/8-16/11-7/4 with steps 9/8-9/7-6/5-8/7 and its inversion,
  • 1-9/7-16/11-5/3 with steps 9/7-9/8-8/7-6/5;
  • 1-9/8-5/4-16/11 with steps 9/8-10/9-7/6-11/8 and its inversion,
  • 1-9/8-14/9-9/5 with steps 9/8-11/8-7/6-10/9.

There is one pair of inversely related pentads:

  • 1-9/8-5/4-16/11-7/4 with steps 9/8-10/9-7/6-6/5-8/7 and its inversion
  • 1-7/6-9/7-16/11-5/3 with steps 7/6-10/9-9/8-8/7-6/5.

And one in palindromic form:

  • 1-9/8-9/7-14/9-16/9 with steps 9/8-8/7-6/5-8/7-9/8.

The number of chords is tetrad: 4 and pentad: 3, for a total of 7.