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The sensamagic temperament is the rank-3 temperament tempering out 245/243, the sensamagic comma. It has a canonical 11-limit extension adding 385/384 and 896/891 to the comma list.

See Sensamagic family #Sensamagic for technical data.

Interval lattice

Lattice Sensamagic.png


Sensamagic can be notated the same as 2.3.7 just intonation since they share the same lattice structure.

One way to do this is to take the conventional circle-of-fifths notation with an additional module of accidentals for the 64/63 comma. In this system, 7/4 is a minor seventh, 5/4 an augmented second, and 11/8 a diminished fifth.

Sensamagic nomenclature
for selected intervals
Ratio Nominal Example
3/2 Perfect 5th C-G
5/4 Double up augmented 2nd C-^^D#
7/4 Down minor 7th C-vBb
11/8 Down diminished 5th C-vGb

Alternatively, it can be notated the same as full prime-limit just intonation, with a distinct accidental module for each prime harmonic. That makes some intervals more intuitive, at the cost of hiding the structure of sensamagic tempering. For example, it is customary of the 5/4 to be a major third, and 7/4 to be a minor seventh. As a result, the fact that the 5/3 is a stack of two 9/7's is not revealed, and the related chords can be confusing.


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