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Interval information
Ratio 131072/130977
Monzo [17 -5 0 -2 -1
Size in cents 1.25524
Name(s) olympia
Color name salururu unison, s1urr1
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The olympia (monzo: [17 -5 0 -2 -1, ratio: 131072/130977) is an 11-limit (also subgroup) unnoticeable comma measuring about 1.26 cents. It is the difference between the undecimal quartertone (33/32) and a stack of two septimal commas (64/63). Even more interesting is the possible factorization into two 13-limit superparticular ratios: 2080/2079 × 4096/4095. In fact, the olympia is the default interval represented by three minas in the Olympian level of Sagittal notation, from which it gets its name.


Tempering out this comma in the full 11-limit results in the rank-4 olympic temperament , with a very natural 13-limit extension {2080/2079, 4096/4095} (→Rank-4 temperament #Olympic (131072/130977)).

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