Huntmic chords

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Huntmic chords are certain 13-limit essentially tempered chords which close at the octave by tempering out the huntma, 640/637. These include tetrads with steps of size (huntmic tempered) 5/4-16/13-8/7-8/7, 16/13-5/4-8/7-8/7 and 5/4-8/7-16/13-8/7, leading to the huntmic temperings of 1-5/4-20/13-7/4, 1-16/13-20/13-7/4 and 1-5/4-10/7-7/4. Note that the last chord can also be tempered by 441/440 to the werckismic tetrad. Aside from tetrads, there are huntmic triads, the huntmic tempered versions of 1-16/13-7/5 and 1-8/7-7/5.

The name huntmic comes from the fact that the optimal patent val for huntmic temperament is 205edo, the basis of the Hunt System of Aaron Andrew Hunt. Other equal temperaments with huntmic chords include 22, 53, 68, 80, 94, 111, 121, 137, 205 and 215.