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Interval information
Ratio 25/24
Monzo [-3 -1 2
Size in cents 70.67243
Name(s) classic chromatic semitone,
FJS name A125

[sound info]

The classic chromatic semitone (short: chroma), 25/24, 70.672 cents, is the superparticular ratio which marks the difference between the 5-limit thirds, 6/5 and 5/4, and sixths, 8/5 and 5/3. It is therefore the amount which sharpens or flattens a 5-limit third or sixth, and when notating 5-limit just intonation it can be associated with the sharp or flat symbol, and along with an additional symbol for the 81/80 comma, it can be used for a complete system of 5-limit notation.

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