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Interval information
Ratio 2187/2048
Monzo [-11 7
Size in cents 113.6850
Name(s) apotome,
Pythagorean chromatic semitone
FJS name A1

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2187/2048, the apotome, also known as the Pythagorean chromatic semitone or the Pythagorean major semitone, is the chromatic semitone in the Pythagorean tuning. It is the 3-limit interval between seven perfect just fifths (3/2) and four octaves (2/1): 37/211 = 2187/2048, and measures about 113.7¢. Unlike the situation in meantone tunings, it is larger, not smaller, than the corresponding diatonic semitone, which is the Pythagorean minor second of 256/243.


When treated as a comma to be tempered out, it leads to apotome family of temperaments.

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