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The 940 equal division divides the octave into 940 equal parts of 1.277 cents each. It is uniquely consistent through the 11-limit, tempering out 2401/2400 in the 7-limit and 5632/5625 and 9801/9800 in the 11-limit, which means it supports decoid temperament and in fact gives an excellent tuning for it. In the 13-limit, it tempers out 676/675, 1001/1000, 1716/1715, 2080/2079, 4096/4095 and 4225/4224, so that it supports and gives the optimal patent val for 13-limit decoid. It also gives the optimal patent val for greenland and baffin temperaments, and for the rank five temperament temperament tempering out 676/675. The non-patent val <940 1491 2184 2638 3254 3481| gives a tuning almost identical to the POTE tuning for the 13-limit pele temperament tempering out 196/195, 352/351 and 364/363.