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The 578 equal division divides the octave into 578 equal parts of 2.076 cents each. It is contorted in the 5-limit, tempering out 32805/32768 with the same tuning as 289edo. It tempers out 10976/10935 and 65625/65536 in the 7-limit, supporting the 22&118 temperament, and 119098/117649 which together with the schisma gives 7-limit pogo temperament, the 94&130 temperament. In the 11-limit it tempers out 540/539 and 4000/3993 and provides the optimal patent val for 11-limit pogo and the planar temperament hades. In the 13-limit, it tempers out 729/729, 1575/1573, 1716/1715 and 2080/2079, and provides the optimal patent val for 13-limit pogo, as well as other temperaments tempering out 1716/1715, the rank five temperament for which it also provides the optimal patent val. 578 factors as 2 * 17^2.