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Prime factorization 2 (prime)
Step size 350.978¢ 
Octave 3\2edf (1052.93¢)
Twelfth 5\2edf (1754.89¢)
Consistency limit 2
Distinct consistency limit 1
Special properties

2edf, if the attempt is made to use it as an actual scale, would divide the just perfect fifth into two equal parts, each of size 350.9775 cents, which is to say sqrt (3/2) as a frequency ratio. It corresponds to 3.4190 edo. If we want to consider it to be a temperament, it tempers out 6/5, 9/7, 32/27, and 81/80 in the patent val.

Factoids about 2edf

60/49 and 49/40 are good rational representations of the square root of 3/2.

2edf's step size is close to the generator of the hemififths temperament, which tempers out 2401/2400 and 5120/5103 in the 7-limit.


# Cents
1 350.98
2 701.96