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209edo is the equal division of the octave into 209 parts of 5.7416 cents each. It tempers out 129140163/128000000 (graviton) and 1220703125/1207959552 (ditonma) in the 5-limit. Using the patent val, it tempers out 225/224, 2125764/2100875, and 2500000/2470629 in the 7-limit; 243/242, 3025/3024, 4000/3993, and 16896/16807 in the 11-limit; 351/350, 625/624, 1573/1568, 1625/1617, and 15379/15360 in the 13-limit, so that it provides the optimal patent val for the 11-limit marvo temperament and the 13-limit spectacle temperament.