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This is an archive of an article previously published on the Produce Like a Pro site.

Since it is a historical record, instead of editing, please discuss suggested changes below. Especially if you find an error or a link that has gone 404. I'm glad to update those.

I know that "anyone is supposed to be able to edit any wiki", and with articles written for the wiki, that makes sense.

But would you re-write an article by Igor? Not that I'm as cool as him, but the idea is the same. If you wouldn't edit his articles that were published in magazines, you could ask yourself "is this addition needed?" before editing this.

I am willing to discuss this, and I am absolutely willing to correct actual errors and broken links.

But is probably better to start a new article of your own than to make this already loooong one even longer.

SyntheticThought (talk) 21:54, 16 March 2019 (UTC)