Minthmic chords

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A minthmic chord is an essentially tempered dyadic chord which is defined in the 13-limit rank five temperament, and in addition the rank three temperament, tempering out the minthma, 352/351.

We have the four minthmic tetrads, with steps the minthmic tempering of 11/9-16/13-7/6-8/7, 11/9-16/13-8/7-7/6, 16/13-11/9-7/6-8/7, and 16/13-11/9-8/7-7/6, leading to temperings of 1-11/9-3/2-7/4, 1-11/9-3/2-12/7, 1-16/13-3/2-7/4 and 1-16/13-3/2-12/7. These in turn have subchords such as the minthmic temperings of 1-11/9-3/2 and 1-16/13-3/2. Note that tempering 1-11/9-3/2-7/4 and 1-11/9-3/2-12/7 in jove is also possible, leading to a similar but not identical chord.

Mintha was a nymph turned into a mint plant by a goddess whom she got in the way of, and minthmic tempering has the slightly sharp, minty-fresh fifths some people appreciate (Margo Schulter has expressed great fondness for this comma, for example.) Equal temperaments with minthmic chords include 22, 29, 46, 53, 80, 87, 111, 121, 140, 198 and 205.