Magical seventh chord

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A magical seventh is an 11-limit essentially tempered dyadic chord consisting of three sharp minor thirds and an 8/7, in other words a 6/5-6/5-6/5-8/7 chord, which closes at the octave since both 100/99 and 385/384 (and therefore 875/864) are tempered out. This means that in the 11-limit 4&7&15 planar temperament tempering these out, the chord is the tempering of 1-6/5-16/11-7/4.

In an optimized tuning for the 4&7&15 temperament, the marvel comma 225/224 shrinks in size and may reverse direction, and adding it to the list of commas does little tuning damage; this results in 11-limit magic temperament, which has the same optimal patent val (104edo). Hence magic (19&22) temperament is practically the most accurate temperament that include this chord. Magic, however, does give it a Graham complexity of 12, so it doesn't appear that often.

Other temperaments that feature this chord prominently include 11-limit keemun, superkleismic, porcupine and doublewide.