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Prime factorization 5 (prime)
Fifth 8/5 (813.686c)
Dual sharp fifth 8/5 (813.686c)
Dual flat fifth 7/5 (582.512c)

5afdo (arithmetic frequency division of the octave), or 5odo (otonal division of the octave), divides the octave into five parts of 1/5 each. As a scale it may be known as mode 5 of the harmonic series or the Over-5 scale. As 5 is a small odd number, this AFDO does not contain a perfect fifth or any reasonable approximation to it over the root, and it is relatively poor for its size at creating traditional tonal music compared to 4afdo and 6afdo (again only if over the root, the modes have more to offer).


# Cents Ratio Decimal Interval name Audio
0 0 1/1 1.0000 perfect unison
1 315.6 6/5 1.2000 just minor third
2 582.5 7/5 1.40000 narrow tritone
3 813.7 8/5 1.6000 just minor sixth
4 1017.6 9/5 1.8000 just minor seventh
5 1200.0 2/1 2.0000 perfect octave

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