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The 52 equal division divides the octave into 52 equal parts of 23.077 cents each. The patent val has the same mapping for 3, 7, 11 and 13 as 26 does, but its 5 is sharp rather than flat. From this it tempers out 648/625 rather than 81/80 in the 5-limit, and 225/224 and 1029/1024 in the 7-limit, showing it supports miracle, albeit badly, and may be defined by the tempering out of both 648/625 and miracle. In the 11-limit it tempers out 99/98 and 176/175 and in the 13-limit 78/77, 144/143 and 169/168. It supplies the optimal patent val for then 12&40 temperament of the diminished family in the 7- and 11-limits, and also in the 13-limit where it can be defined as tempering out 78/77, 99/98, 176/175, 567/550 rather than by two patent vals. It also gives the 13-limit patent val for the 21&52 variant of miracle.

Using the sharp fifth rather than the flat fifth (that is, using the 52b val), it contains a version of porcupine temperament, and combining 30\52 with 31\52 leads to a whole tone of 9\52, or 208 cents, which can be used inconsistently.


The Hidden Temple of Empathica III by Jon Lyle Smith