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Interval information
Ratio 512/495
Factorization 29 × 3-2 × 5-1 × 11-1
Monzo [9 -2 -1 0 -1
Size in cents 58.458342¢
Name undecimal subminor second
Color name s1ug2, salugu 2nd
FJS name [math]\text{m2}_{5,11}[/math]
Special properties reduced
Tenney height (log2 nd) 17.9513
Weil height (log2 max(n, d)) 18
Wilson height (sopfr (nd)) 40
Harmonic entropy
(Shannon, [math]\sqrt{nd}[/math])
~4.40349 bits
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512/495, the undecimal subminor second, is an interval that can potentially be regarded as a type of relatively complex 11-limit quartertone on one hand, as it arises not only as the difference between 64/45 and 11/8, and the difference between 16/11 and 45/32, but also as the difference between 33/32 and 16/15 and as the difference between 64/33 and 15/8 – on the other hand, however, it only differs from 28/27 by 385/384. Unlike 33/32, which has functions more akin to a chroma, 512/495 has functions more akin to a diatonic interval.

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