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Interval information
Ratio 4096/3993
Monzo [12 -1 0 0 -3
Size in cents 44.09117
Name(s) Alpharabian paralimma,
Alpharabian subminor second
Color name Satrilu 2nd
FJS name M211,11,11
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4096/3993, the Alpharabian paralimma or Alpharabian subminor second, is notable for being one of only two 11-limit quartertone intervals needed in order to add up to a familiar 9/8 whole tone. Specifically, it is the quartertone that forms the difference between the whole tone and a stack of three 33/32 quartertones, and can thus be regarded as a sort of subminor second. Remarkably, it is currently the simplest interval in terms of odd-limit that is known to result from stacking three identical quartertones with rational intervals and subtracting said stack from a 9/8 whole tone. Furthermore, although 38/37, 35/34, 32/31 and 28/27 are all simpler intervals that can be called "quarter tones" and can safely be regarded as some kind of second, subtracting any one of these intervals from 9/8 yields an interval that has a ratio lacking a cubed number in the numerator and or the denominator, and such an interval cannot be split into three equal quartertones with rational intervals.