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Prime factorization 3 (prime)
Fifth 5/3 (884.358c)
Dual sharp fifth 5/3 (884.358c)
Dual flat fifth 4/3 (498.044c)

3afdo (arithmetic frequency division of the octave), or 3odo (otonal division of the octave), if the attempt is made to use it as an actual scale, would divide the octave into three arithmetically equal parts, and may also be known as mode 3 of the harmonic series or the Over-3 scale. The notes of this AFDO form a 3:4:5 triad (first inversion major triad).


# Cents Ratio Decimal Interval name Audio
0 0.0 1/1 1.0000 perfect unison
1 498.0 4/3 1.3333 just perfect fourth
2 884.4 5/3 1.6667 just major sixth
3 1200.0 2/1 2.0000 perfect octave