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359 tone equal temperament

359-tET or 359-EDO divides the octave into 359 parts of 3.34262 cents each. 359-EDO contains a very close approximation of the pure 3/2 fifth of 701.955 cents, with the 210\359 step of 701.94986 cents. 359-EDO supports a type of exaggerated Hornbostel mode, with an approximation of the blown fifth that he described of the pan flutes of some regions of South America; the Pythagorean fifth (701.955c) minus the Pythagorean comma (23.46c) = 678.495c; in 359-EDO this is the step 203\359 of 678.55153c.

Pythagorean diatonic scale: 61 61 27 61 61 61 27

Exaggerated Hornbostel superdiatonic scale: 47 47 47 15 47 47 47 47 15 (fails in the position of Phi and the square root of Pi [+1\359 step of each one]).