2a5b * 3a4b

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Product word scale pattern of 2a5b (either 2L 5s or 5L 2s) and 3a4b (3L 4s or 4L 3s).

There are 7 domes, each with 7 modes:

  • abacabc - triple wakalix with 2a5b as a factor in two different ways
    • Probably most notable for the "JI major scale" tuning of this pattern: a=9/8, b=10/9, c=16/15
  • Inverse of above, gives "JI minor scale"
  • aabacab - triple wakalix with 1a6b (either 1L 6s or 6L 1s) as third factor
    • The tuning a=10/9, b=27/25, c=9/8 is a meantone-dicot-porcupine triple wakalix, and has various names including "Al-Farabi diatonic"
    • The tuning a=16/15, b=9/8, c=75/64 is a mavila-dicot-enipucrop triple wakalix, and also has various names including "JI double harmonic scale", "Arabic scale", "Byzantine scale", "Byzantine liturgical soft chromatic", and so on. The marvel-tempered version has several intervals of 7 in it (75/64~7/6).
  • abacadc
  • abacabd (inverse of above)
  • aabacdc
  • aabcbad (inverse of above)