OTC 7L 17s

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Omnitetrachordal MODMOS scale


24 tones (10+4+10)

mohajira / neutral-thirds; 2 forms; imperfect; best at low L/s

P = 0.5872804832

Q = 5.8650213288 (4/3 = 3L+6.5s)

L = 50.00 to 171.43 cents (121.23 cents @ Q)

s = 0.00 to 50.00 cents (20.67 cents @ Q)

9/8 = L+3s (171.43 to 200.00 cents)

4/3 = 3L+7s (500.00 to 514.29 cents)

MOS generator = 2L+5s (342.86 to 350.00 cents)

notable EDOs: 31, 38, 45, 55, 69

sssLssLsssLssLsssLssLssL (MOS, not OTC)


sssLsssLssLssLsssLssLssL (OTC MODMOS, form 1) - gc 22; 2o

sssLssLsssLssLsssLssLssL (MOS, not OTC)

      ||  ||        ||  

sssLsssLsssLsLsssLsssLsL (OTC MODMOS, form 2) - gc 18; 6o

sssLsssLssLssLsssLssLssL (OTC MODMOS, form 1)

          ||        ||  

sssLsssLsssLsLsssLsssLsL (OTC MODMOS, form 2)

all modes, form 1:

sssL sssLssLssL sssLssLssL
ssLs ssLssLssLs ssLssLssLs ssLsssLssL ssLsssLssL ssLs
sLss sLssLssLss sLssLssLss sLsssLssLs sLsssLssLs sLss
Lsss LssLssLsss LssLssLsss LsssLssLss LsssLssLss Lsss
sssL ssLssLsssL ssLssLsssL sssLssLssL sssLssLssL sssL
ssLs sLssLsssLs sLssLsssLs ssLssLssLs ssLssLssLs ssLs
sLss LssLsssLss LssLsssLss sLssLssLss sLssLssLss sLss
LssLssLsss LssLssLsss Lsss
ssLssLsssL ssLssLsssL sssL
sLssLsssLs sLssLsssLs ssLs
LssLsssLss LssLsssLss sLss
ssLsssLssL ssLs ssLsssLssL
sLsssLssLs sLss sLsssLssLs
LsssLssLss Lsss LsssLssLss
sssLssLssL sssL sssLssLssL
ssLssLssLs ssLs ssLssLssLs
sLssLssLss sLss sLssLssLss
LssLssLsss Lsss LssLssLsss
ssLssLsssL sssL ssLssLsssL
sLssLsssLs ssLs sLssLsssLs
LssLsssLss sLss LssLsssLss
ssLs ssLsssLssL ssLsssLssL
sLss sLsssLssLs sLsssLssLs
Lsss LsssLssLss LsssLssLss

all modes, form 2:

sssL sssLsssLsL sssLsssLsL
ssLs ssLsssLsLs ssLsssLsLs
sLss sLsssLsLss sLsssLsLss sLsssLsssL sLsssLsssL sLss
Lsss LsssLsLsss LsssLsLsss LsssLsssLs LsssLsssLs Lsss
sssL sssLsLsssL sssLsLsssL sssLsssLsL sssLsssLsL sssL
ssLs ssLsLsssLs ssLsLsssLs ssLsssLsLs ssLsssLsLs ssLs
sLss sLsLsssLss sLsLsssLss sLsssLsLss sLsssLsLss sLss
Lsss LsLsssLsss LsLsssLsss LsssLsLsss LsssLsLsss Lsss
sssL sLsssLsssL sLsssLsssL sssLsLsssL sssLsLsssL sssL
ssLs LsssLsssLs LsssLsssLs ssLsLsssLs ssLsLsssLs ssLs
sLsLsssLss sLsLsssLss sLss
LsLsssLsss LsLsssLsss Lsss
sLsssLsssL sLss sLsssLsssL sLsssLsssL sLsssLsssL sssL
LsssLsssLs Lsss LsssLsssLs LsssLsssLs LsssLsssLs ssLs
sssLsssLsL sssL sssLsssLsL
ssLsssLsLs ssLs ssLsssLsLs
sLsssLsLss sLss sLsssLsLss
LsssLsLsss Lsss LsssLsLsss
sssLsLsssL sssL sssLsLsssL
ssLsLsssLs ssLs ssLsLsssLs
sLsLsssLss sLss sLsLsssLss
LsLsssLsss Lsss LsLsssLsss
sLss sLsssLsssL sLsssLsssL sLsssLsssL sssL sLsssLsssL
Lsss LsssLsssLs LsssLsssLs LsssLsssLs ssLs LsssLsssLs


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