OTC 7L 10s

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Omnitetrachordal MODMOS scale


17 tones (7+3+7)

Mohajira / neutral-thirds MODMOS; 2 forms

P = 1.5872804832

Q = 6.8650213288 (4/3 = 3L+3.5s)

L = 70.59 to 171.43 cents (90.22 cents @ P, 141.90 cents @ Q)

s = 0.00 to 70.59 cents (56.84 cents @ P, 20.67 cents @ Q)

9/8 = L+2s (171.43 to 211.76 cents)

4/3 = 3L+4s (494.12 to 514.29 cents)

MOS generator = 2L+3s (342.9 to 352.9 cents)

notable EDOs: 24, 31, 41, 65

ssLsLssLsLssLsLsL (MOS, not OTC)


ssLssLsLsLssLsLsL (OTC MODMOS, form 1) - gc 15; 2o

ssLsLssLsLssLsLsL (MOS, not OTC)

   || ||     ||  

ssLLssLssLssLLssL (OTC MODMOS, form 2) - gc 11; 6o

sLsLsLssLssLsLsLs (OTC MODMOS, form 1)

   ||       ||   

sLssLLssLssLLssLs (OTC MODMOS, form 2)

symmetric modes:

sLsLsLssLssLsLsLs (form 1)

sLssLLssLssLLssLs (form 2)

all modes, form 1:

sLsLsLs sLs sLsLsLs
LsLsLss Lss LsLsLss
sLsLssL ssL sLsLssL
LsLssLs sLs LsLssLs
sLs sLssLsL sLssLsL
Lss LssLsLs LssLsLs
ssL ssLsLsL ssLsLsL
sLs sLsLsLs sLsLsLs sLssLsL sLssLsL sLs
Lss LsLsLss LsLsLss LssLsLs LssLsLs Lss
ssL sLsLssL sLsLssL ssLsLsL ssLsLsL ssL
sLs LsLssLs LsLssLs sLsLsLs sLsLsLs sLs
LsLsLss LsLsLss Lss
sLsLssL sLsLssL ssL
LsLssLs LsLssLs sLs
sLssLsL sLs sLssLsL
LssLsLs Lss LssLsLs
ssLsLsL ssL ssLsLsL

all modes, form 2:

sLs sLLssLs sLLssLs sLssLLs sLssLLs sLs
Lss LLssLss LLssLss LssLLss LssLLss Lss
ssL LssLssL LssLssL ssLLssL ssLLssL ssL
sLLssLs sLLssLs sLs
LLssLss LLssLss Lss
LssLssL Lss LssLssL LssLssL LssLssL ssL
ssLssLL ssL ssLssLL
sLssLLs sLs sLssLLs
LssLLss Lss LssLLss
ssLLssL ssL ssLLssL
sLLssLs sLs sLLssLs
LLssLss Lss LLssLss
Lss LssLssL LssLssL LssLssL ssL LssLssL
ssL ssLssLL ssLssLL
sLs sLssLLs sLssLLs
Lss LssLLss LssLLss LssLssL LssLssL Lss
ssL ssLLssL ssLLssL ssLssLL ssLssLL ssL


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