OTC 5L 12s

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Omnitetrachordal MOS scale


17 tones (7+3+7)

Superpyth / ultrapyth MOS. Imperfect, best at low L/s. Many modes may be split two ways.

P = 0.2600167527

Q = 6.9100586343 (4/3 = 2L+5.5s)

L = 70.59 to 240.00 cents (178.13 cents @ Q)

s = 0.00 to 70.59 cents (25.78 cents @ Q)

9/8 = L+2s (211.76 to 240.00 cents)

4/3 = 2L+5s (480.00 to 494.12 cents)

generator = 4/3

notable EDOs: 22, 27, 32, 37, 39

symmetric mode: sLsssLssLssLsssLs

all modes:

Lss LssLsss LssLsss
ssL ssLsssL ssLsssL ssLssLs ssLssLs ssL
sLs sLsssLs sLsssLs sLssLss sLssLss sLs
Lss LsssLss LsssLss LssLsss LssLsss Lss
ssL sssLssL sssLssL ssLsssL ssLsssL ssL
sLs ssLssLs ssLssLs sLsssLs sLsssLs sLs
Lss sLssLss sLssLss LsssLss LsssLss Lss
sssLssL sssLssL ssL
ssLssLs ssL ssLssLs ssLssLs ssLssLs sLs
sLssLss sLs sLssLss sLssLss sLssLss Lss
LssLsss Lss LssLsss
ssLsssL ssL ssLsssL
sLsssLs sLs sLsssLs
LsssLss Lss LsssLss
sssLssL ssL sssLssL
ssL ssLssLs ssLssLs ssLssLs sLs ssLssLs
sLs sLssLss sLssLss sLssLss Lss sLssLss


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