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Several schemes for naming moment-of-symmetry scales (MOS scales) have been proposed by various people. Although the simplest way to refer to MOS scales is by the number of large and small steps it has (such as 5L 2s), unique names for these scales have been proposed. See also the Catalog of MOS for a listing of MOS in the more usual Ls scheme. See also the pergens page.

The various schemes are listed here:

  • TAMNAMS, a naming scheme for naming octave-equivalent MOS scales (up to 10 notes); this scheme also names the intervals and scale degrees of a MOS scale, much like those of 5L 2s. This is currently the most comprehensive naming system.
  • Graham Breed's MOS naming scheme.
  • Dwarf Naming Scheme, a frivolous naming scheme that has influenced some of the names in Graham Breed's naming scheme.