Engineer's comma

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This page presents a novelty topic. It features ideas which are less likely to find practical applications in xenharmonic music. It may contain numbers that are impractically large, exceedingly complex or chosen arbitrarily.

Novelty topics are often developed by a single person or a small group. As such, this page may also feature idiosyncratic terms, notations or conceptual frameworks.

Interval information
Expression [math]\pi/3[/math]
Size in cents 79.840355¢
Names pi over 3,
engineer's comma
Special properties reduced
Harmonic entropy
(Shannon, [math]\sqrt{n\cdot d}[/math])
~4.68824 bits
Comma size medium

Pi over 3, or the engineer's comma[idiosyncratic term], is a transcendental ratio of 79.84 cents.

The name "engineer's comma" was proposed by Eliora.


π/3 occurs in the Pitave system, which uses a an increase of frequency by a factor of π = 3.14... as an interval of equivalence. Tempering it out means that the pitave is equated to the tritave, 3/1.


1 step of 15edo is a very close approximation of this interval.