Battaglia chord

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The battaglia chord is an essentially tempered dyadic chord of marvel temperament, the marvel (225/224) tempered version of 1-5/4-7/5-3/2-7/4-15/8, with steps

5/4-9/8-15/14-7/6-15/14-15/14. It was considered by Mike Battaglia, who regards it as "trippy". Although the octave-reduced voicing for this chord is 1-5/4-7/5-3/2-7/4-15/8, a simpler and less compact voicing is 1-3/2-5/2-7/2-15/4-45/8, or 8:12:20:28:30:45. Other less compact voicings are also likely to be preferred, for instance 1-5/4-7/5-7/4-3-15/4, etc.

An example of a musical fragment built around this chord can be found at the end of this example:

This chord is noteworthy for existing in 12-EDO, although its intonation can much be improved in a tuning such as 22-EDO, 31-EDO, or 53-EDO.