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The 391 equal division divides the octave into 391 equal parts of 3.069 cents each. It tempers out 5120/5103 and 420175/419904 in the 7-limit, and provides the optimal patent val for the hemifamity planar temperament and septiquarter, the 5&94 temperament. It tempers out 6250/6237, 4000/3993, 5632/5625 and 3025/3024 in the 11-limit and 676/675, 1716/1715 and 4225/4224 in the 13-limit, and provides further optimal patent vals for temperaments tempering out 5120/5103 such as alphaquarter. The 391bcde val provides a tuning for 11-limit miracle very close to the POTE tuning.