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In contrast to 12edo chords, 19edo has four instead of the usual two main tertian chord qualities which opens up completely new territory for eager musicians/microtonalists to explore.

19edo approximates intervals with factors of 2 (2/1), 3 (3/2), 5 (5/4, 5/3, 6/5) and 7 (7/6, 7/4, 27/14) quite well. This essentially means that normal chords – like in 12edo – can be represented nicely in 19edo.

Despite that enharmonics work differently in 19edo, pitches can be written down with standard notation.


Note that the cent values of the intervals are approximated. For detailed numbers, see 19edo.

Chord name Symbol Notes Steps Cents Audio
Major C C–E–G 0–6–11 0–379–695
Minor Cm, Cmin C–E♭–G 0–5–11 0–316–695
Major sharp 3
Csmaj, C(♯3), Cmaj(♯3) C–E#–G 0–7–11 0–442–695
Minor flat 3
Csmin, Cmin(♭3) C–E𝄫–G 0–4–11 0–253–695
Sus4 Csus4 C–F–G 0–8–11 0–505–695
Sus2 Csus2 C–D–G 0–3–11 0–189–695
Diminished Cdim, C° C–E♭–G♭ 0–5–10 0–316–632
Augmented Caug, C+ C–E–G♯ 0–6–12 0–379–758

Tetrads (sixth/seventh chords)

Because of interesting new features – the supermajor seventh and "harmonic" seventh/augmented sixth – new tetrads are possible while existing ones can be preserved.

Major chords

Chord name Symbol Notes Steps Cents Audio
Major seventh Cmaj7 C–E–G–B 0–6–11–17 0–379–695–1074
Dominant seventh C7 C–E–G–B♭ 0–6–11–16 0–379–695–1011
Harmonic seventh Ch7 C–E–G–B𝄫 0–6–11–15 0–379–695–947
Sixth C6 C–E–G–A 0–6–11–14 0–379–695–884

Minor chords

Chord name Symbol Steps Cents Audio
Minor seventh Cm7 0-5-11-16 0-316-695-1011
Minor major seventh Cmmaj7 0-5-11-17 0-316-695-1074
Minor augmented six Cm+6 0-5-11-15 0-316-695-947
Minor six Cm6 0-5-11-14 0-316-695-884
Minor seven flat six (NT aeolian seven) Cm7(♭6) [Faeol7] 0-5-13-16 0-316-821-1011

Supermajor chords

Chord name Symbol Steps Cents Audio
Supermajor seventh Csmaj7, Cmaj7(♯3, ♯7) 0-7-11-18 0-442-695-1137

Subminor chords

Chord name Symbol Steps Cents Audio
Subminor seventh Csmin7, Cmin7(♭3, ♭7) 0-4-11-15 0-253-695-947

Diminished chords

Chord name Symbol Steps Cents Audio
Diminished seven
(fully diminished)
Cdim7, C°7 0-5-10-15 0-316-632-947
Minor seven flat five
Cm7(♭5), Cø7 0-5-10-16 0-316-632-1011

Augmented chords

Chord name Symbol Steps Cents Audio
Augmented seven Caug7, C+7, C7♯5 0-6-12-16 0-379-758-1011
Major seven sharp five Cmaj7♯5 0-6-12-18 0-379-758-1137

Pentads (ninth chords)

Major chords

Major chords

Chord name Symbol Steps Cents Audio
Major ninth Cmaj9 0-6-11-17-22 0-379-695-1074-1389
Dominant ninth C9 0-6-11-16-22 0-379-695-1011-1389
Dominant seven flat nine C7(♭9) 0-6-11-16-21 0-379-695-1011-1326
Harmonic ninth Ch9 0-6-11-15-22 0-379-695-947-1389
Harmonic seven flat nine Ch7(♭9) 0-6-11-15-21 0-379-695-947-1326