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← 12ed513ed514ed5 →
Prime factorization 13 (prime)
Step size 214.332¢ 
Octave 6\13ed5 (1285.99¢)
Twelfth 9\13ed5 (1928.99¢)
Consistency limit 3
Distinct consistency limit 3

What is known as "father" has a large 3:2 which warps the heptatonic scale to an octatonic.

Analogously, in hyperpyth, 13ed5 has an analogously large "13:5" which warps the scale similarly. I haven't figured out what it approximates well, but it sounds good.

18ed5 also does this; the "13:5" is actually 50 cents sharp, while 8:3 is much closer. Interesting.