Why microtonality

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  • In 12EDO, virtually all the catchy/easy chord progressions have been taken. Want some possibilities for new ones? You can't have beautiful/pure 6:7:8, 5:7:9, 7:9:11, 10:11:12...7 and 11-limit chords on your 12EDO keyboard because such chords don't exist in 12EDO. In 12EDO you are stuck with run-of-the-mill 5-limit chords such as major (4:5:6) and minor (10:12:15)...get unstuck with new temperaments in Xenharmony.
  • At least with JI, there are ways you can go about it where the math or theory doesn't have to be any harder than 12EDO -> http://xenharmonic.wikispaces.com/Mike+Sheiman%27s+Very+Easy+Scale+Building+From+The+Harmonic+Series+Page
  • If you are into deep mathematical theory...the possibilities for optimization of scales for variety are virtually endless.
  • If you use electronic instruments that support SCALA files, such as cheap to free VSTi's, you can start composing Xenharmonic music often without spending a dime (list needed).
  • You know how musicians (cluelessly) warn you about Xenharmony being necessarily dissonant? It's a load of bull ->http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/marcussatellite2 (done in a CPS scale: Hexanies) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhZpvGSPx6w (done in Just Intonation)