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Hi, I'm Aaron Wolf. My website is

I am a barbershopper, a Tonal Plexus keyboard owner (and made the most popular educational video on it that's on YouTube), a guitarist (primarily The Kite Guitar but also fretless and 12edo), and teacher.

I'm also an advocate for FLO (Free/Libre/Open) culture and technology.

Everything from me is CC-BY-SA licensed

Any contributions of mine here must be (grudgingly) licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 because that is the Xenharmonic Wiki License.

The NC clause is unnecessarily restrictive and is incompatible with Wikipedia and other resources, see Talk:Xenharmonic Wiki License and

I use CC BY-SA 4.0 (no NC limitation) for all my music, writings, and so on. So, for anything on this wiki where I am the sole author, please know that it is also available under CC-BY-SA and therefore allowed in commercial use (as long as the BY attribution and SA "share-alike" terms are respected) and in combination with anything from anywhere that is CC-BY-SA compatible. Unfortunately, for works here that have multiple authors, we'll need to assure everyone is okay with CC-BY-SA in order for those terms to be used in such cases.